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Stake Solana to support the ecosystem!

What is BlazeStake?

BlazeStake is a fully non-custodial Solana stake pool protocol that is supported by the Solana Foundation. By staking SOL through BlazeStake, you will receive BlazeStake Staked SOL (bSOL) tokens that can be used in DeFi applications. BlazeStake automatically delegates SOL across many Solana validators to strengthen the decentralization of Solana. bSOL is designed to increase in value compared to SOL every epoch relative to the staking APY, as bSOL is always backed by an amount of SOL which increases as staking rewards compound.
You can always withdraw your SOL from the stake pool at any time either through our instant unstake feature or through delayed unstaking. The instant unstake feature has a higher fee as it pulls SOL from the stake pool reserves, while the delayed unstaking has a much lower fee and allows you to turn your bSOL into a traditional staking account.

Why should you use BlazeStake?

When you stake your Solana, you are locking your tokens to vote for a validator who verifies transactions on the Solana blockchain, and in exchange, both you and the validator get rewarded for helping to keep the network secure. However, when you stake your Solana the normal way, each stake account is specific to only a single validator out of the 1800+ validators. This system leads to a few popular validators having a disproportionally large number of SOL staked to them (more than 33% of staked SOL is used to vote for just 30 of the 1800+ validators). When you stake with BlazeStake, the stake pool spreads your stake across hundreds (and in the future, thousands) of both high performing validators and smaller validators, which greatly increases the security of the Solana blockchain while optimizing your rewards.
An added benefit of using a stake pool such as BlazeStake is that you receive liquid tokens in the form of bSOL, which represents your staked SOL. bSOL automatically increases in value relative to SOL as staking rewards accrue. You can use bSOL tokens in a variety of DeFi applications to further increase your staking rewards.

Why is BlazeStake unique compared to other pools?

  1. 1.
    A percent of the staking rewards go to a unique treasury built to support the Solana ecosystem. Solana projects can request funds from the treasury to help them grow, and you can vote on these proposals through a DAO system.
  2. 2.
    New Solana projects can increase awareness about their projects by airdropping their token through the BlazeStake airdrops system. All token airdrops are opt-in for you to avoid spam. You can claim a portion of the airdrop relative to your stake amount. The airdrops system can further increase your staking rewards!
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    Although BlazeStake currently hand-picks validators based on their performance (staking rewards) and size (decentralization), in the future, you will be able to vote for validators to be added or removed from the pool through a DAO-based voting system.
On top of all these benefits, BlazeStake is the only pool that stakes to hundreds of validators and has been open source with several audits since the beginning!