⚙️Custom Liquid Staking

Learn more about BlazeStake's innovative Custom Liquid Staking protocol!

When BlazeStake pioneered the Custom Liquid Staking protocol, it became the first stake pool ever to allow delegators to maintain full control over their own delegation decisions by enabling liquid staking to specific validators. It remains the only Solana stake pool to allow for a 1:1 delegation of liquid staked SOL to specific validators or a group of validators.

Custom Liquid Staking (CLS) begins working from the moment you stake. If you choose to stake with a custom validator on BlazeStake, the CLS protocol maintains a record of the stake transaction and notes down the amount of SOL to be staked to the validator of your choice, along with the corresponding amount of bSOL that must be held in your wallet to maintain this 1:1 staking relationship.

If the amount of bSOL in your wallet drops below the minimum threshold, the stake to a specific validator drops by the equivalent amount. Since CLS supports staking to multiple custom validators per wallet, if the amount of bSOL in your wallet drops below the minimum threshold for all validators combined, the stake to each validator drops by a proportional amount until the amount of bSOL in your wallet matches the amount of SOL that is custom staked to the validator (unless you unstake SOL from a specific validator, in which case the amount of stake on that validator will decrease first).

The CLS protocol is able to track positions held in supported DeFi protocols and adds up all bSOL holdings under your ownership in order to determine the total amount of bSOL you control in your wallet.

Custom Liquid Staking can be extended to support custom delegation strategies, such as the one set up for Lamport DAO. This feature allows you to control the distribution of your custom stake to a higher degree of granularity by setting delegation weights in order to split the stake deposited into your custom delegation strategy proportionally. This feature is currently open under an invite-only beta, so please reach out (either over email at [email protected] or through Twitter @solblaze_org) if you would like to set up a custom delegation strategy for your own purposes!

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