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BlazeStake has a lot of exciting features and goals for the future!



  • Develop unique value proposition
  • Announce the stake pool and gather feedback
  • Ensure that the open-source stake pool program has been audited (Quantstamp, Neodyme, and Kudelski)
  • Deploy the stake pool program on devnet
  • Build preliminary web interface/mockup for staking and unstaking
  • Submit the bSOL token to the Solana Token Registry



  • Help with the development on open-source JavaScript bindings for the stake pool program (in partnership with JPool who led the development and Solana Labs who reviewed the code)
  • Make the JavaScript bindings compatible with the browser (code reviewed by Solana Labs)
  • Extensively test the JavaScript bindings on the devnet program (and iterate on the bindings with JPool and Solana Labs as bugs arise)
  • Implement the JavaScript bindings into the SOL Pay SDK
  • Integrate the bSOL token into wallets (such as Phantom)
  • Link web interface data streams to the devnet program
  • Add support for staking through the web interface
  • Add support for instant unstaking through the web interface
  • Add support for delayed unstaking through the web interface
  • Create referral program
  • Develop the delegation strategy
  • Create the roadmap
  • Write the docs
  • Collaborate with validators for devnet testing


  • Launch the stake pool on mainnet-beta
  • Add validators to the pool
  • Add APY indicators
  • Grow stake to 100 SOL
  • Establish partnerships with key DeFi protocols (such as Saber, Jupiter Aggregator, and Prism)


  • Create DeFi page
  • Integrate more wallets (such as Glow, Exodus, and Brave)
  • Mint governance token
  • Create LP farms for governance token distribution
  • Grow stake to 5k SOL
  • Establish more partnerships with DeFi protocols


  • Add ability to support specific validators (Custom Liquid Staking)
  • Integrate Custom Liquid Staking into
  • Integrate Custom Liquid Staking into ManyStake
  • Create API routes for integrations
  • Grow stake to 25k SOL
  • Establish more partnerships with DeFi protocols and applications


  • Announce BLZE airdrop
  • Document API routes
  • Create integration guides
  • Add stake account deposit feature
  • Grow stake to 100k SOL
  • Grow DEX liquidity to $1m
  • Launch token airdrops feature
  • Build validator list interface
  • Integrate with dashboards (such as Step Finance and Sonar Watch)
  • Create the BlazeStake Treasury
  • Open the BlazeStake DAO
  • Open bounties for the development of platforms based on the bSOL token
  • Add support for lending/borrowing bSOL in DeFi
  • Integrate bSOL into more decentralized applications
  • Work with NFT projects to stake their treasuries with BlazeStake
  • Partner with wallet providers to add BlazeStake directly into wallets
  • Create a Solana wallet that shows bSOL and BlazeStake in a similar interface to normal staking