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Fees are used to support the BlazeStake pool.
Fees are a necessary part of running a stake pool and are used to support pool operations, the BlazeStake Treasury, SolBlaze developers, and extra rewards for users. Here are the pool fees:
  • Deposit fee: 0%
  • Instant withdrawal fee: 0.3%
  • Delayed withdrawal fee: 0.1%
  • Epoch fee: 5%
For stakers who are referred by other stakers through the BlazeStake referral system, a 0.08% deposit fee is given directly to the person who referred the staker.
The epoch fee is a 5% fee on staking rewards and is necessary to support the variety of unique features that the BlazeStake pool offers. Here is the breakdown for the epoch fee:
  • Operations & Development: 50%
  • BLZE Burns: 20%
  • BLZE Liquidity: 20%
  • DAO Treasury: 10%
The withdrawal fees are split according to the same breakdown as the epoch fee.