Security Overview

Here's an overview of the security of the BlazeStake pool

BlazeStake is one of the safest and most secure liquid staking protocols on Solana!

  • The smart contract used by BlazeStake was developed under Solana Labs, the same organization that wrote the code for the official Solana validator client

  • All features added to this smart contract have been reviewed rigorously by Solana Labs engineers and top ecosystem contributors

  • The smart contract has been audited seven times by five separate organizations to ensure maximum safety of funds

  • There is no way for anyone else to steal your SOL from the stake pool (not even the pool operator can withdraw funds owned by you)

  • The upgrade authority for the smart contract is currently governed by a robust ecosystem multisig that is overseen by the Solana Foundation to ensure that no malicious updates can be deployed

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